nasality cures


The high-pitched nasal voices are generally considered unpleasant, but there is really no right or wrong, just preferences.

By definition " speech is defective when it is conspicuous, unintelligible or unpleasant."

"HYPERNASALITY" is talking through the nose too much.  I find it annoying, especially since I used to do it (a Chicago thing). Nasal sounds are heard particularly in m/n./ng.  No one should have to whine when they say, "I love you, darling."

"DENASALITY' sounds as though one has a cold or as they have adenoids.  This is also heard in the nasal sound m/n/ng and the consonants b/d/g.

THE CURES for nasality and many other unpleasant voices are:  SIGHING, SINGING AND HUMMING.

Singing and humming get the tone out of the nasal area into the chest and increase resonance.  There is an additional benefit to singing or humming.  Studies have found singing and humming relieve pain.

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