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 When Hollywood first heard of Jill Lesly Jones, they dubbed her "the lady with the crystal clear voice," and cast her in numerous speaking and on camera roles.  Over 25 years in radio, film and television, Jill has generated more than $1,000,000,000  (one billion dollars!) in revenues as a voice over and spokesperson for CBS, IBM, American Express, Sony, GTE, Universal Studios, Fox TV, Masrey & Vitatoe,  Bank One, and more, earning her the name, "The Lady with the Billion Dollar Voice." 

•  Trained in speech language pathology, Jill has assisted public speakers, broadcasters, managers, sales professionals, doctors, lawyers and chiefs of major corporations develop their voices into clear, cool, conditioned communication machines.

• In the 1990's Jill was hired to provide legal narration for the law firm Masrey & Vitatoe, narrating for a company called Testavid.  One of the most famous cases Jill narrated was the lawsuit involving Erin Brockovich.  The narration accompanied thie video presented to the judge which resulted in an award to the city of Hinkley of $330 million.

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